Let's create exciting projects and share experience about Google technology in Kharkiv with passion!
For young specialists, startup creators, students, Google technology adepts, educators, IT entrepreneurs, developers.
What we about
GDG Cloud Kharkiv unites developers, learners, and anyone who has an interest in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We create exciting projects and gladly share experience about Google technology
We are a Kharkiv-based group, but GDG chapters are present in hundreds of cities worlwide.
The organizers of GDG Cloud Kharkov are:
- Dmitriy Sverbilov, GM
- Artem Nikulchenko, TM, external speakers
- Olha Dunaievska, internal speakers
- Alena Putiatina, marketing & communications
GDG Cloud Kharkiv is an independent group. Our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to Google, the corporation. To learn more about the GDG program, visit >>
We regularly organize various IT events, conferences, workshops, develop joint projects and, of course, intensively communicate with each other, exchanging knowledge and experience.
What we do
Arrange IT-seminars and conferences
Inform Ukraine about every Google novelty
Organize streams of various Google events
Teach students and young professionals
Invite cool speakers
Create a community of IT-insprired people in Kharkiv
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Why we do this
To create a community of IT inspired people
Google Philosophy
To disseminate Google philosophy in Kharkiv
Keep up with trends
To exсhange experience and knowledge to keep up with the trends
Contact us:
Phone: +3 8 050 214 16 86
E-mail: o.dunaevskaya@cloudwk.com
Address: Nikolaya Mihnovskogo street, 20A, Kharkiv, Ukraine